Electronic Shelf Labels

Always correct prices with electronic shelf labels

Pricing of products is one of the most labour-intensive activities in the store. In most cases, pricing involves a lot of manual tasks. This makes the process vulnerable to human errors. Various promotions further add to the complex process of pricing.

Inventory control is another very labour-intensive process in the store. This process is rarely fully automated. Thus, it takes up a lot of time and resources. There are technology solutions available that help automate and simplify both pricing and inventory control. Electronic Shelf Labelling is one such solution.

Electronic Shelf Labels give you full control on pricing, eliminating all traditional sources of error between the store’s cash register system and what is presented in the store. Customers always get the same price on the shelf as at the cash register because the prices on the shelves are obtained directly from the store computer system. This creates safety for you as a retailer, and helps to maintain good customer relations.

Electronic shelf labelling comes with a set of new benefits as well. They include possibilities to optimise pricing throughout the day, easier for customers to find products in the store, and opportunities for more promotions.

Pricer Electronic Shelf Labels

StrongPoint is proud to be a reseller of Pricer, the leading Electronic Shelf Labelling (ESL) solution with installations in 15 000 stores in 50 countries.

Many retailers consider the ability to automatically change prices the biggest benefit and the main reason they buy Pricer.  But Pricer also comes with a number of other features that help with streamlining and simplifying operations in the store:


The store can be divided into virtual zones where you can present promotions to customers as they move from one area to another.

Shopper Guidance/ kiosk solution

The Pricer technology can create a virtual map that shows where various products are located. The customer can look them up on a smartphone or from a kiosk in the store.

Task Management

The personnel can receive updates and alerts from the Pricer labels. For example, the Pricer system will alert when a product needs to be restocked.

Click & Collect

Store staff can collect the ordered products much more efficiently if the store has Pricer ESL installed. The system guides the person to the product’s position in the store.


The Pricer solution can provide customers with extra product information, such as pictures and videos. The information is transmitted to the customer’s smartphone.


 “With Pricer’s electronic price labels we can change the prices in the store in seconds. We save a lot of time and resources when we don’t have to change the labels manually. ”

Stein Gunnar Moe, Coop SA

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