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Together we are stronger

With StrongPoint as your partner, you will enjoy new possibilities and new innovations that can boost your business onward and upward. StrongPoint provides the best technology solutions together with consultative expertise to all our customers. We have 600 employees and our headquarters are located Raelingen, Norway. StrongPoint is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

StrongPoint has three business areas

Retail Solutions: StrongPoint offers retailers integrated technology solutions that increase productivity and improve the shopping experience in stores. We mainly offer solutions and consultative services for cash management, loss prevention, self-service, electronic shelf labelling and retail suite software. We also offer a number of other solutions that help improve store operations.

Cash Security Solutions: The Cash Security division provides solutions for secure cash logistics. Our offering focuses on innovative Intelligent Banknote Neutralisation System technology that protects valuables without the need for weapons or expensive armoured transport.

Label Solutions: The Labels subsidiary offers self-adhesive labels for any product and any use. We assist customers with labels throughout the whole business process, from label design to printing. StrongPoint Labels has the latest printing equipment in digital printing and flexo printing to make sure any customer need is met.

StrongPoint has 600 employees and is headquartered in Raelingen, Norway. We are listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange with the ticker symbol STRONG.

A young company with a long history

StrongPoint is the result of a consolidation of seven companies in PSI Group. The seven companies joined forces in 2015. Before the consolidation the companies were called PSI Systems AS, PSI Antonson AB, New Vision Baltija UAB, SQS Security Qube System AB, Antonson Etikett AB, CashGuard AB and Vensafe AS.

PSI Group is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange

PSI Group acquires Antonsongruppen – a Swedish reseller of retail technology solutions

PSI Group merges with CashGuard. Cash Guard and SQS Security Qube System become subsidiaries of PSI Group

PSI Group acquires the label company SydEtikett, later merged with PSI’s Swedish label business

PSI Group acquires the Select & Collect company Vensafe

PSI Group acquires New Vision Baltija a retail technology company in the Baltics, Finland and Russia

The seven companies in PSI Group consolidate their business operations and form one company under the name StrongPoint

StrongPoint ASA acquires PyD Seguridad in Spain and Portugal

StrongPoint launches a new product portfolio

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